PMP Insulation Paper

Main Parameters: 

Insulation class: B class (130 °C)

Width: 10-540mm

Thickness: 0.05-0.15mm

Can be customized

product information

Brief Introduction of PMP Insulation Paper

PMP Insulation Paper is an economical electrical insulation material suitable for special voltage transformers, especially B-class motors and other electrical insulation. 
PMP is a three-layer flexible composite material, produced by adhesive to adhere the two sides of polyester film with capacitor paper.
Layers structure:
--Three layers: polyester film is bonded with insulating paper.
--Middle Layer: Polyester film(PET) for Electrical Purposes
--Outer Layer: 100% Sulfate wood pulp presspaper
--Form: roll, sheet, strip
--Middle Layer: Polyester film(PET) for Electrical Purposes.
--Outer Layer: Capacitor paper.
--Both softness and mechanical strength are considered, and formability and wettability are good.

Features of this PMP Insulation Paper

1. Good mechanical strength
2. Nice dielectric properties
3. Reliable heat resistance: B Class
4. The PMP insulation paper has been approved by UL (NO.: E310670) ,ROHS and REACH test.

PMP Insulation Paper
Technical Parameters



  1. PMP Insulation Paper is mainly used for casting voltage mutual inductor, special B-class electrical motor and other electrical equipment.
  2. As wrapping insulation of electric device and automatic inserting winding slot insulation of small size electric motor.PMP Insulation Paper

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