YAAN Electrical Insulation Material Group Will Attend CWIEME BERLIN 2022

★DATE:10th~12th May., 2022

★EXHIBIT:Insulation Materials


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Films are a common type of material used in this category. Films are thin sheets with excellent flexibility. Films are non-porous. This characteristic is excell  More

The life of a winding depends upon keeping it in its original condition as long as possible. In a new machine, the winding is snug in the slots, and the insulat  More

Polyimide is a kind of macromolecule polymer containing cyclic imide group in molecular chain. (Polyimide, referred to as PI). Recently, the research, developme  More

Industrial SpecialtiesAdhesive tapes, solar-control structures, edge reinforcement, drumheads/tambourines, ink tray covers, flex duct, hot stamping, release fil  More


34+ Years Experience In The Production Of Insulating Materials