Insulated rubber tape refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and provide insulation. Also called insulating tape, tape, consisting of a base  More

The comparative advantages of glass fiber tube and carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber has his advantages, glass fiber also has his advantages, glass steel tube has  More

In various circuit facilities, various types of insulating materials are often used. However, for different fields of use, the performance of the selected insul  More

NMN insulation paper is a soft composite material composed of a middle layer of polyester film and Nomex paper on both sides, and heat resistance class F (155 &  More

Typical integrated circuits include semiconductor integrated circuits such as bipolar Ic whose substrate is silicon single crystal and MOS IC (metal-oxide-semic  More

Composite products are also called soft composite materials. Most of the flexible composite materials for electrical engineering are made of polyester film, pol  More


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