Comparative advantages of glass fiber tube and carbon fiber tube

The comparative advantages of glass fiber tube and carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber has his advantages, glass fiber also has his advantages, glass steel tube has good heat and cold resistance: glass steel tube still has excellent resistance and extremely high strength at -30 ℃, FRP can be used for a long time in the range of -50 ℃ -80 ℃, and the specially formulated resin can also be used at 110 ℃.

FRP insulation is excellent: Because the thermal conductivity of FRP products is low, its insulation function is particularly good. Anti-fouling resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe after solidification] The glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe of the University of Technology does not scale, rust, and will not be contaminated by shellfish, fungi and other microorganisms in the sea or sewage during use.

Excellent corrosion resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes: Carbon fiber glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes are made of highly corrosion-resistant resins. They have excellent mechanical properties and processing characteristics. In most acids, alkalis, saline seawater, untreated sewage, corrosive soil or groundwater and Corrosion of many chemicals.

The glass fiber tube has good wear resistance: The wear resistance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic tube of the University of Technology is very good. Experiments have proved that: water filled with a lot of mud, sand and gravel is put into the tube to carry out the rotary abrasion effect comparison experiment. After 300,000 rotations of the University of Technology's glass steel pipe, the wear depth of the inner wall of the test tube is as follows; the steel pipe coated with tar and porcelain oil is 0.53mm; the steel pipe with composite hardened surface is 0.48mm; the glass steel pipe is 0.21mm. This can clarify that the wear resistance of FRP is very strong.


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