Insulation tape and classification

Insulated rubber tape refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and provide insulation. Also called insulating tape, tape, consisting of a base tape and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. The base tape is generally made of cotton, synthetic fiber fabric, plastic film, etc. The adhesive layer is made of rubber and tackifier resin and other additives, which has good viscosity and excellent insulation performance.

It is mainly divided into: polyimide high temperature insulation tape, NOMEX paper high temperature insulation tape, polyester insulation tape, glass cloth insulation tape.

Polyimide high temperature tape: Polyimide tape is based on polyimide film and coated with imported high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product has good dielectric properties and excellent heat resistance. . The product has high mechanical strength, strong adhesive force, and does not leave residual adhesive after the tape is torn. It can be used as H-class electrical insulation and can work continuously at 250 ° C.

NOMEX paper high temperature resistant insulating tape: NOMEX paper high temperature resistant tape uses high temperature resistant aramid fiber paper produced by DuPont of the United States as the base material, coated with imported silicone pressure sensitive adhesive or modified acrylic adhesive on one side, made by high temperature process . The product has excellent temperature resistance, strong adhesion, toughness and tear resistance.

Polyester insulating tape: Polyester tape, also known as Mara tape, is made of polyester film as a substrate, coated with high temperature resistant glue as an adhesive on one side, and dried and cut.

Glass cloth insulation tape: This product is based on imported high-density alkali-free glass fiber cloth and coated with high-adhesive adhesive. It has excellent tensile strength, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, insulation and flame resistance. Environmental protection and halogen-free advantages.


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