What types of electrical insulation materials in Yaan?

Insulating materials are solids used to isolate different electrical conductors.Henan YAAN Electrical Insulation Plant Co., Ltd., was founded in 1986. With 34 years history, YAAN specializes in manufacturing electrical insulation materials with 8 production lines and the production capacity is 10000 tons annually. The specific classification is as follows:

1.Flexible Laminated Materials:
Fish Paper,PMP,6630 DMD,6631 DMDM,6632 DM,6641 F Class DMD,6640 NMN,6650 NHN,AMA,AHA,MGM,HGH,GHG,etc

2.Insulation Paper:
Diamond Dotted Paper(DDP Paper),Crepe Paper,Crepe Paper Tube,Pressboard,Cable Paper,etc

3.Electrical Insulation Binding Tape:
Heat Polyester shrinking Tape,Insulation Cotton Tape,Fiberglass Tape,etc

4.Insulation Film:
Polyester Film,Polyimide Film,etc

5.Fiberglass Sleeve:
PVC Fiberglass Sleeve,Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeve,Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve,etc

6.Insulation Board:
Phenolic Laminated Paper Sheet,Phenolic Laminated Cotton Cloth Sheet,Epoxy Resin Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet,etc

7.Mica Products:
Mica Sheet,Mica Paper,Mica Tube,Mica Tape,etc

The insulation materials products are accredited by UL (U L File Number E 3 1 0 6 7 0), RoHS and Reach. YAAN acquired I S O 9 0 0 1 quality management certification.



34+ Years Experience In The Production Of Insulating Materials