1042 Imine Epoxy Insulation Impregnating Varnish

Main Parameters: 

Model: YA1042

Insulation class: F class (155 °C)

Can be customized

product information

Composition of the Imine Epoxy Insulation Impregnating Varnish: 

It is made of polyester imine resin, bisphenol A type epoxy resin, drier, curing agent and diluent. 
insulation varnish

Main Advantages of the Imine Epoxy Insulation Impregnating Varnish: 

It has excellent mechanical, dielectric and moisture-proof properties, fast curing at low temperature, good bonding strength and stable storage.

Technical Parameters




1042 imine epoxy insulation impregnating varnish can be used for insulating treatment and protection of F grade motor and electrical winding.
insulation varnish

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