Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Tube

Main Parameters:

Model: 3640

Insulation class: B class (130 °C)

Length:regular 1000mm

Regular Size14mm*18mm,18mm*22mm

Can be customized

product information

Brief Introduction of the Epoxy glass cloth laminated tube

Epoxy glass cloth laminated tube is made of alkali-free glass cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin and baked by hot rolling.
All of the glass cloth laminate materials are characterised by very high strength properties, good temperature resistance and good dimensional stability. 
The core glass cloth base material and resin (epoxy,  phenolic, melamine, polyimide. or silicone) is dependent of the product application. The physical strength of the epoxy / phenolic laminated glass cloth,  its versatility of fabrication, including the excellent electrical properties make the phenolic glass cloth laminated products - rods and sheets very useful.
Epoxy tubes made of epoxy-glass-fabric or silicone-glass-fabric type are often used in all branches of the electro industry because of their great mechanic, thermic and electric characteristics.
It has good mechanical strength, low water absorption and are resistant to weathering and to chemical attack by mild acids and alkalis.

Features of Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Tube

—High mechanical & electrical strength,
—Excellent rigidity & dimensional stability,
—Good dielectric properties,
—Lower water absorption,
—Tighter thickness tolerance,
—Flat and straight panel,
—Smooth and clean surface,
—Insulation class: B class (130 °C)
—Length:regular 1000mm
—Regular Size14mm*18mm,18mm*22mm
*Can be customized
—It has been approved by UL (NO.: E310670) ,ROHS and REACH test.

Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Tube
Technical Parameters




Epoxy glass cloth laminated tube is suitable for making insulating structural parts in electrical equipment.
Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Tube

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