AHA Insulation Paper

Main Parameters: 

Insulation class: H class (180 °C)

composition: Aramid paper+Polyimide film+Aramid paper

Can be customized

product information

Introduction of AHA Insulation Paper

The AHA Flexible Laminates is a three-layer flexible composite material, made by the polyimide film with hot rolling aramid paper on both sides. The AHA insulation paper is one of the most exclusive electric insulation materials at present. It has excellent heat-resistant, dielectric property, and superior mechanical properties.
AHA-H consists of gold polyimide film, covered on both sides with aramid paper that made in China.
AHA shows excellent mechanical properties like high tensile strength and high edge tear resistance combined with electrical properties.The AHA has a smooth surface which allows a trouble free manufacture of low voltage motors when coil shooting machines are used.Heat resistance is class H.
The performance is totally according with the standard of NHN(GB/T5591.3-2008), and it has the very similar property with NHN, it’s a perfect substitute of NHN.

Features of this AHA Insulation Paper

• Thermal class:  H(180℃)
• Thickness:  0.14-0.32mm
• Standard width: 1000mm  (or according to customers’ requirements)
• Form:  roll, sheet, and strip  
• Adhesive property: 200℃±2℃, 10 minutes no delamination, blister, or adhesive flow.

Technical Parameters




—It  is suitable for slot, liner, phase, and turn-to-turn insulation in H-class electrical motors.
—It can be used as inter-layer insulation in high voltage transformers and other electrical appliances.
AHA Insulation Paper

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