1054 Polyester Modified Silicone Resin Impregnated Varnish

Main Parameters: 

Model: YA1054

Insulation class: H class (180 °C)

Can be customized

product information

Description of the Polyester Modified Silicone Resin Impregnated Varnish:
insulation varnish

Polyester modified silicone insulation impregnating varnish is made by dissolving polyester resin and polymethylphenylchlorosilane in an organic solvent. 
It has good anti-humidity and drying properties,strong adhesion,high mechanical strength and lower curing temperature.

Technical Parameters




1054 Polyester Modified Silicone Resin Impregnated Varnishcan be used for impregnation of electric motors and electrical coils working in wet tropical, marine mining, traction, smelting, chemical and other environments..
insulation varnish

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