What is dmd insulation paper?


DMD insulation paper can be used for slot insulation, gasket insulation and turn-to-turn insulation in motors and other electric appliances. The thinnest of Yaan DMD insulation paper is 0.088mm and the thickest is 0.45mm. How to choose DMD insulation paper for motor depends on the following points.

1. Insulation class

Ya'an DMD insulating paper has B and F clesses. The temperature resistance of class B is 130℃, and the temperature resistance of class F is 155℃. Class F DMD insulating paper has good mechanical strength, dielectric properties and higher heat resistance and performance.

2. Thickness

The thickness of DMD insulation paper is 0.088-0.45mm, and the commonly used thicknesses are 0.15mm, 0.17mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, and the specific thickness depends on the requirements of the motor.

3. Width

The conventional width of DMD insulation paper is 1000mm, the width below 1000mm can be slit according to the use demand, and the width above 1000mm can be customized according to the use demand.

4. The color of DMD insulating paper

The color of Class B insulation paper is only white, and the color of Class F insulation paper is pink, green, blue and can be print Logo.

5. DMD insulation paper cost performance

Class F DMD insulation paper is more expensive than Class B DMD insulation paper, but its performance is relatively better. Choose DMD insulation paper that suits your products.


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