Films are a common type of material used in this category. Films are thin sheets with excellent flexibility. Films are non-porous. This characteristic is excell  More

The life of a winding depends upon keeping it in its original condition as long as possible. In a new machine, the winding is snug in the slots, and the insulat  More

Polyimide is a kind of macromolecule polymer containing cyclic imide group in molecular chain. (Polyimide, referred to as PI). Recently, the research, developme  More

Industrial SpecialtiesAdhesive tapes, solar-control structures, edge reinforcement, drumheads/tambourines, ink tray covers, flex duct, hot stamping, release fil  More

Electrical Insulation Paper Market by Product Type (NOMEX, Mica, Semiconductor paper, Other), By Application (Conductor Insulation, Power Cable Insulation, Barr  More


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