What are the applications of NHN insulating materials in electrical appliances?

NHN insulating materials have been very well applied in many fields. I believe you already know it. Today, the wonderful information I want to explain to you is: the application of NHN insulating materials in electrical appliances, interested friends Let's take a look!

1. Utilizing the characteristics of low density, low friction coefficient, low elastic modulus, and good corrosion resistance of NHN insulating material, use it to replace metal to make general structural parts with transmission, support, buffering, installation, protection and other functions;

2. Used for cooling, heat dissipation, sealing, moisture-proof and solid sealing;

3. Use it to isolate live parts from uncharged parts or live parts with different potentials;

4. Use it to extinguish the arc, isolate the arc, or limit the arc within a certain range.


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