What products are covered by insulation materials?

Manufacturers engaged in the production of insulating materials or some scholars are more clear. In the insulating materials, the main directions are mainly in three forms, one is the gas form, the other is the liquid form, and the last one is the solid. Form, the most common of these three forms is the solid type of insulation.

What are the products of our three major types of insulation materials, the first to understand the most common and most commonly used solid insulation materials, which mainly include insulation paper, insulation board, plastic, rubber, ceramics, These products, such as glass, are solid; the second is liquid type, which is mainly insulating oil. One is mineral and the other is synthetic. Although there are only two kinds of products, it is also very good in industrial use. The last thing I saw was the gas type. The most common one is the air we have been using, nitrogen and so on. Different types of materials play different roles in industrial use, and we can choose what is most beneficial to us according to our needs.

Because the equipment and environment in which insulating paper is usually used are special, the materials for making these insulating papers are also very demanding. The first important thing is that the heat resistance is better because the heat generated during the operation of the electrical equipment is Very large, if the heat resistance is poor, the equipment will lead to aging in the case of long-term overheating; the second is the need for insulation resistance and high compressive strength, so that the electrical equipment will not be used during the process. Accidents such as electric leakage occur; finally, the materials used in the production of insulating paper must also have important characteristics such as thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, heat insulation and high mechanical strength.


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