2 YA6520 polyester film insulation paper composite 2

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Model: YA6520

Name: Green Compound

Insulation class: Class B

Width: 10-1300mm, regular width 1M

Thickness: 0.088mm-0.45mm

Reminder: * 6520 polyester film insulation paper insulation composite should be stored in a dry, air-conditioned room temperature (below 40 ° C). Transportation and storage time should pay attention to fire, moisture, pressure, and sun protection.

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6520 polyester film insulation paper insulation composite is used for slot insulation, gasket insulation and turn-to-turn insulation in stator windings in motors and electrical appliances. It is also applied to the inter-layer insulation, end-sealing insulation, and gasket insulation of dry-type transformers.

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Henan Yaan Insulation Material Factory Co., Ltd. main products include B/F/H solvent-free solvent-free insulating varnish, 6520 green composite insulating paper, 6630DMD insulating paper, 6641DMD insulating paper, 6640NMN insulating paper, 6650NHN insulating paper, MGM glass cloth Polyester film composite insulation paper, polyester film varnish composite insulation paper, oily varnish yellow wax thick, alkyd glass varnish, polyester glass varnish, silicone glass varnish and so on.