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International charity cares for life and helps the poor to give their lives.

Poverty alleviation

The state and society help students to complete their studies in some form. In addition to the national student loan application, our company regularly provides help for poor students.
$2,580 to go

Helping the poor

Charity can alleviate the worst effects of humanitarian crises and complement the health care, education, housing and child protection public services of poor people.
$950 to go

Focus on left-behind children

Pay attention to the left-behind children to give these children more care, give them a lot of care, at least make up for a little bit, at least let them feel a little bit of goodwill from strangers.
$560 to go

We want to go to school

Study hard, learn to change the future

We attach great importance to the important role of student financial aid in poverty alleviation. Student financial assistance is an important way to effectively prevent low-income families with school-age children from returning to poverty due to poverty-stricken and newly-poor families.


"Assistance" Can "build a dream"After becoming a "casting person"

How To HelpUs

Charity can alleviate the worst effects of humanitarian crises and is complementary to public services for health care, education, housing and child protection. It also promotes the rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups.

Send Donation

You can contact the person in charge of the corresponding department of the company, express your intention to donate love, donate your loved ones, and make charitable donations together.

Become Volunteer

Follow us, learn about our charity activities, become our volunteers, and work together for the charity event.

Share Media

Share and publicize our charity activities, recommend more people to participate, spread more information about charity activities, and work hard for common philanthropy.

We Help ManyPeople

Want to Become a Volunteer

The world is diverse, and everything is often not as desirable. But in any case, volunteering can have a positive impact on the world. Everyone wants their families to be healthy, their children's academic success, the disabled and the elderly to be self-reliant, and the neighbors are friendly and help each other. Volunteering is the effort to do so.


Our VolunteersSays

Give a rose, the hand has a fragrance.

Participating in volunteer activities can approach people who are like-minded, can make friends with the elderly, and can make people from different countries to help them adapt to life as soon as possible.

Ms. Guo

Give me more opportunities to learn what you are interested in. You can play with the children in the community center, play games, go to the relief kitchen, and make dinner for those who are homeless.

Mr. Li

Volunteer activities show everyone's abilities, talents, knowledge, experience, and personality. Everyone has their own specialities. Volunteer activities will give me a platform to showcase.

Mr. Zhang

Volunteerism can have a positive impact on the world. Everyone wants their families to be healthy, their children to be successful, and their neighbors and friends to be friendly and help each other.

Ms. Mao

Our Gallery

The effort of time and energy makes people feel more fulfilling and makes people more confident.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.